When Marina watches your pet

I usually take dogs to parks, or find nearby trails. If none close by, we stroll around your neighborhood or I ask my clients what they prefer and what they do. I can teach basic commands. We can jog (depends on dogs and breeds), go to a dog park, but that is up to owner. My own dogs don’t like dog parks…every dog is different. Communication is my first priority. I don’t just walk the dogs, I give them all the love and attention you would give them – maybe more!

I Care Because You Care

As a dog owner, animal lover, and dog whisperer, I possess the knowledge of the most popular dog breeds and their specific behavior tendencies. I am very comfortable with all personalities, including alpha dogs, territorial, adventurous, and independent dogs. I have cared for senior, blind dogs, as well as dogs with diabetes, stroke, and IVDD.

Even when dogs don’t like most people, the chances are — they will like me. When I go to people’s homes who have pets, the pets always end up on my lap. I am very confident that your fur babies will like me. I treat them all with love, care, and respect.

I work from home and dog walking/pet sitting is my full-time business. We have 3 older kids who are in college. That means I am available to care for your 4-legged family members 24/7. I also take care of cats, birds, reptiles, rodents, fish. I never worked with farm animals, and would love a chance. I am an animal rights supporter. I also rescue wild animals in distress, take unwanted pets, and rehome them.

When you are at work or away on vacation, you can leave with confidence and free of guilty feelings. I am mature, reliable, and have more than 31 years of experience in dog walking and sitting services. I can dog sit at your house, and am very flexible on staying all day and night.

If you prefer to have your pet stay with me, I have a large fenced yard. I provide several water bowls while hosting multiple dogs at the same time. I have an SUV that is large enough to transport any large dog.